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Here you'll find some helpful resources and "How To" videos to help you learn and familiarize yourself with your Land Rover. Land Rovers are remarkable vehicles packed with more technology, features and capabilities than ever before.

PIVI Pro System

A collection of YouTube videos curated just for you. This is Land Rover's newest Infortainment System standard on most 2021 or newer vehicles.

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Touch Pro System

We've created YouTube videos we know will be helpful to learn Land Rover's Duel Screen System.

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Land Rover PIVI Pro System

The Land Rover PIVI Pro System is the latest technology offered that effectively integrates smartphone technology with advanced navigation features that keep you informed and entertained on the roads around Williamsville, NY and beyond. It will help you maneuver through difficult traffic situations and keep you safer on the road.

There is a vibrant 10-inch touchscreen that allows you to conveniently navigate through the various features and keeps you informed about the critical factors. It features wireless smartphone charging which is a fun option to consider where you don't even have to plug in your phone. You can pair Bluetooth® with two devices at the same time and it features Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. Another feature includes remote app access at your convenience which gives you climate control, remote locking/unlocking, vehicle status, and much more to consider!

There are Wi-Fi capabilities with a built-in SIM card that helps you stay connected at all times. This package is highly ergonomic and has much more to explore making it truly an extraordinary innovation in technology for Land Rover vehicles. You will have access to everything you need on and off the roads near Buffalo, NY!

Land Rover Touch Pro System

The Touch Pro System allows you to seamlessly connect your Bluetooth® devices to your land rover with ease and this can open the door to a plethora of possibilities across long car rides! You can set up Apple CarPlay® for the Touch Pro System easily and effectively to access all the features of this app wherever you go.

The Touch Pro System allows you to have infotainment connectivity to your Land Rover with an ergonomic screen for ease of access that will give you the best results to navigate effectively. It's very easy to use and is highly responsive to the touch of your fingers. Just search for whatever you want, and it will display everything for ease of access.

There are so many driver settings to consider here that it will get the wheels turning so you can tailor your experience according to individual preferences. If there is a storm or road hazard on your route, then you will be aware of it when utilizing certain apps. You will never get lost again with the implementation of advanced GPS and maps to help you flourish in finding the destination or making stops for gas. Everything is accounted for with the touch pro system in your Land Rover and customization options are endless here.

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Now that you have an understanding of what to expect from these new innovative operating systems for Land Rover, it's time to visit our dealership today to gain access to this incredible technology. We have the innovations of the future here that are ready to take your driving to the next level and are looking forward to showing you the features in person. From there, you can get a more comprehensive overview of what to expect when on the road and you can use the touch screen for yourself.

This is very intuitive software that will keep you entertained and more aware across long or short trips. It's ideal for giving you an increased sense of security along with any other features you might want such as music or the news. You are connected to the world with the PVI Pro System and Touch Pro System so there are no worries of losing connectivity. You have a variety of Bluetooth® options to consider along with impressive speed and wireless charging that keeps things more optimal. Contact us today to get a deeper understanding of your prospective Land Rover vehicle!