Leasing vs Buying

Leasing vs Buying

Should You Buy Or Lease Your Next Vehicle Near Buffalo, NY?

Getting a new vehicle in the Tonawanda area is an exciting time. However, once you've decided on the new or pre-owned model you want, you're faced with the task of deciding if you want to buy or lease. Having the facts on leasing vs. buying can be very helpful to Williamsville, NY drivers. Our experts at Land Rover Buffalo can offer some very helpful suggestions and facts.

Leasing vs. Buying

Buying or leasing can be a tough decision to make. They both offer you the opportunity to drive the vehicle of your choice. They also both come with pros and cons. You need to know the facts so you can decide which option works best for you and your family.

Pros of Leasing

  • The monthly payments on a leased vehicle are generally lower than they would be for an auto loan.
  • If you choose to buy the vehicle at lease end, the price is substantially lower than if you'd bought it outright when new.
  • You can typically put down less money upfront on a lease.

Pros of Buying

  • The vehicle will be yours to keep.
  • You are not limited on the number of miles you put on each year.
  • You can make whatever customizations you want to the vehicle.
  • As the loan gets paid down, you build equity in the vehicle.

New or Used?

When it comes to financing decisions, your options will be determined by whether you are choosing to get into a new or pre-owned vehicle. A new Land Rover from Land Rover Buffalo can be leased or paid for with a traditional auto loan. In almost all circumstances, used and certified pre-owned vehicles cannot be leased, although flexible loan options are available on these vehicles through our finance center.

Finance a Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover Near Kenmore

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles have become very popular options for Buffalo, NY area shoppers. CPO vehicles are vehicles that meet specific requirements set by Land Rover.

  • Late-model, low mileage vehicles
  • Title must be clean
  • Must pass a vehicle history report
  • Must pass a very strict 165-point inspection

Financing in Williamsville, NY

Sometimes, even after researching and reading about the pros and cons of buying or leasing a vehicle, a shopper may still need more guidance. This is where our finance team at Land Rover Buffalo can be a big help. They'll go over both options, including the pros and cons. If you fill out an application prior to visiting us and are pre-approved, this can be a real timesaver. Our finance experts in the Tonawanda area can go over all the numbers involved with leasing and buying and can provide you with information on where you stand financially.

You'll also know what your payments will be with both options so you can choose the most affordable option. They will also work for you in getting you the best loan agreement with the lowest possible interest. Whether you buy or lease, we want you leaving our dealership happy with your vehicle and even happier with your loan package.

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Whether you've decided that buying or leasing is your best option, contacting Land Rover Buffalo can be beneficial. Our team can show you what we have to offer and go over all the financing options available to you. We'll even put you behind the wheel of your favorite vehicles so you can test drive them. To get the most information, contact our dealership today.

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